2017 Totals
Number of beach hunts: 63

Clad total : 386.00
US Silver:7
Foreign Silver: 1 Gold weight 62.9 g
Update: 1-1-18

End of year totals

Only managed a couple ounces of gold this year.

10 pieces of jewlery total of 62 grams

and a 70 BC Celtic gold quarter stater .89 grams


Quite a few silver

Gretchen's 2017 Goodies

4 gold rings total 7,7 grams

10 silver jewlery



5.50 and a junk ring



spent a couple hours in the water while G did the dry sand

1 scoop! Nice double gold day!

14k band with small diamonds and a 14k with .35 princess cut diamond

Gretchen's Take




Met up with Tommy Decker and several of the boys for a park hunt

Less that 2 dollars but dig manage some keepers

Antique silver ring, 1923 Mercury dime, 1902 Indian head and a no date buffalo



almost 9 dollars and 4 junk

Gretchen's Take




about 4 dollars and 1 junk ring

Gretchen's Take

1.87 and 2 cars

Look at her go!



2.20 and 1 junk

although I did get a 1 pound coin worth about $1.30



3 bucks and a silver ring



about 2.50 and 3 junk jewelry


We tried a beachspot where i have found silver coins in the past.

Hunted for about 2 hours and got some oldies

2 silver rosies, a silver war nickle and 2 buffalos

nice 1916

Gretchen's Take

Gretchen wandered out of the old zone, and beat me for total for the day!

She got about 4.50 and I got 42 cents. LOL

Well done G!



about 4 bucks

and a silver ring

Gretchen's Take

1.38 and some sun as she decided to enjoy a rest while I hunted the water



Hit the water for a couple hours

1.50 a silver ring and 3 junk



Hit 2 different beaches for a total of 5 hours

first one had lots of coins 5.50 and a silver earring

2nd beach, 7 bucks and an elongated penny



Not sure where the picture on the total finds went but got about 6 bucks and 2 silvers

Claddah ring and a Pandora charm



Dry sand 7 dollars and 4 junk.

Gretchen's Take

$3.20, 2 junk and 2 cars



Hit the water for a couple hours

Little over 4 buck no jewlery

Gretchen's Take




Little sand, little water. $7.50 in change

2 junkers a silver medalion, a stainless ring and stainless cross


Gretchen's Take

$4.75 and 5 junk jewelry


In the dry again, lots of targets. Again just under 10 bucks and 4 junkers



3 hours on the dry sand just under 10 dollars and 2 junk jewelry



Hit an older beach

Almost 4 bucks

1 piece of gold not sure what it is from but tested 14k 0.6 grams

Gretchen's Take

About 3 bucks and a wheatie

We did find 2 unopened bottles stashed neat the concert venue!



A quick 45 minute hunt before work. $2.36 a wheatie and a junk earring.


2 more beaches, about 8 bucks, 2 junk jewelry and a thin silver ring

This was either a medalion or key chain (I think) Looks like Jack the pumpkin King! With a penis....LOL

Gretchen's Take

$4.48 a silver pandora ring, a junk earring and an elongated White Sox penny.


4 hours on 2 different beaches, 2nd beach supplied the goods. 5 bucks in change

23K gold bracelet, Cartier love bracelet style. 25.1gram

Gretchen's Take

$5.36 a tungston carbide 850 ring and a mishka hand made beaded bracelet




Gretchen's Take

1.08 and 2 junkers


About 8 dollars one junk ring


and 3 silvers! turtle is pandora

Gretchen's Take

$2.94 and a couple junkers


3 dollars and 3 junk jewelry

Gretchen's Take

$3.13 and a junk ring



short hunt today $3

Gretchen's Take

60 cents



4 dollars and a 1967 beach tag

Gretchen's Take

$1.34 and 2 junk jewelry



12 dollars, 5 junk jewelry ans a silver earring.

Gretchen's Take

$6 and a beauty little 14K rose gold band with 3 diamond chips
3 other junkers and a spinner.


just under 10 dollars a silver claddah ring and a junk ring

Gretchen's Take

$4.87 and a beautiful 10K ring with 6 small diamonds and a saphire



Hit the water for a couple hours after work. couple dollars in clad and $13 in floaters 3 junkers



$6.50 and a nitro junk anniversary band

Gretchen's Take

$5.50 a gold plated silver charm and 3 junk jewelry



Tried some new beaches, not much for targets. 2 bucks and 5 junkers


Hit the water for a bit before getting chaised out by lightning
4 dollars and a junk earring


Hit the beach by myself today before work. $4.50



Again about 7 dollars, 2 junk jewelry and another wheatie

and a 14K Bracelet. 7.5 g

Gretchen's Take

Almost 4 dollars a silver ring, a junk pendant, and a cta token


Just under 6 dollars a silver earring and 3 junkers

Gretchen's Take

About 4 dollars and a waterlogged I phone



Just under 7 bucks and a junk ring for just under 3 hours.



We went back to the 2nd beach from yesterday looking for a lost ring, did not find the ring but got lots of coins!
Just over 10 dollars in change, supprised with the number of coins that we did not get more jewelry!

Gretchen's Take

3 bucks and 3 junkers


we did 2 hunts today, about 2 hours this morning. 4.50 in change

a 14k ring with CZ 1.5 gram and a silver band

2nd hunt Looking for a lost ring!
6 bucks and a bling earring

Gretchen's Take

first hunt 3 dollars and 2 junk jewelry

2nd hunt 4.50, a wheat penny and a junk ring.


Hit the beach for about an hour, until the rain chased me out.

just under 2 bucks


over 3 hours on 2 beaches about 8.50 in clad, a cool mini butterfly knife and 3 junkers

Gretchen's Take

5.00 a wheatie and a silver earring


Had some visitors from Iowa, we met Casey and Mindy at NMDD in May.
They were in Chicago for an event and met Gretchen and I at North ave. beach for some hunting then burgets and beers!

Thanks for coming over for a hunt!

The girls showing off our finds!


couple hours 3.50, 1 junk earring and a couple foreign coins

there had been lots of competition in the dry sand

Gretchen's Take



4 hours after in the dry sand after the 4th fireworks display

just over 10 dollars a working watch and 2 junk jewelry.

Gretchen's Take

7.70 she is getting better at target recovery!


just under 4 hours got me 7 bucks and a junk ring

Gretchen's Take

little over 3,50


Short hunt today about 2.50 and 2 junk earrings.

Gretchen's Take

2.15 and 1 junk charm


Lots of coins for our 3 hour hunt about 6 bucks, 2 wheaties, a cta token and 2 chinese coins from a bracelet

Gretchen's Take

2.12 and a silver bracelet charm


Just a little over 2 hours about 5.50 and 2 junkers

Gretchen's Take



Better day for targets

Hit 2 different beaches, I got about 7 bucks, a working watch (cheap) 2 junkers

A 10K gold ring with 2 diamond chips and some type of saphire,1 gram and a 1945S silver war nickle

Gretchen's Take

6.75 in change,a Pandora silver ring and a silver chain with a junk medalion.

My girl can hunt!


think the beach got hit pretty well over the weekend, much fewer targets.
4 bucks in change and a fitbit, will charge it to see if it still works.

funny I just lost mine a couple weeks ago and the universe supplies a replacement.

Gretchens Take

1.75 and a junk ring.


couple hours to play today 5 bucks and a silver ring with 14K gold insets

Gretchens Take

2.40 and 2 junkers


Red letter day, not for me but for my honey!

I managed about 8 dollars in change and 4 junkers

Gretchens Take

3.30 in change and her first Beach Gold!

14K gold ring with 3 small diamonds, 3 grams CONGRATS BABY!


3 and a half hours with about 7 dollars, another british pound coin, 3 junk jewelry


4 hours today on a couple different beaches, 9.50 in change 4 junkers...

and a beauty silver medalion, stones are CZ

Gretchens Take

4.55 in change and 3 junk jewelry. she's getting there!


For some reason I missed the other photo of the total. had about the normal of 9 dollars
plus the Nitro which looked good in the scoop. Junk bling ring and 4 other junkers. another wheat.


Out for a little over 3 hours after work. lots of coins 8 dollars and another 5 junkers.
Also got a 1 pound British coin 1.25 in cash for the October England trip. LOL


3 hours in the dry, another 8 bucks in the fund. LOL 4 junkers and a wheat penny

Gretchen's take

Almost 5 bucks and 2 junk jewelry



Another 3 hour hunt in the dry sand. The body just does not like the cold the way it use to. LOL
will wait until the water gets into the high 60's to get back in.

About 9 dollars in change and 6 junk jewelry.

Gretchen's take

Gretchen got about 2.50, She is still learning the ins and outs of beach hunting
and is getting better at recovery with every trip.



Headed back to the same beach, another 7 dollars in clad. 3 junk jewelry and a siilver ring.

Gretchens take

little over 4 dollars and 3 junk jewelry.




Hit the beach with Gretchen for 3 hours. The memorial day crowd dropped lots of coins.
My take was 15 dollars in change, 2 junk rings, stainless steel chain with a silver cross and a silver heart anklet.
one of the nickles is a 1943P silver.

Gretchens take

6.50 in clad and a junk medalion




Got out for an hour or so this morning. Went over the area I tried the last two hunts. 1 more ring and several coins.
Tried the GM power mode, got a few targets that were under iron.

Ring was silver plated Indian head



Hour and a half at the same beach as yesterday. Today I went left. Lol
14K men's band and about 2 bucks in change.

14K mens band 5.5 grams



Nice day on the beach.

Worked the wet slope for about 4 hours today. about 3 bucks in change and 8 rings!

Nice small gold band tested 14K .5g andf 3 silver rings and a broken silver cross

March 7th 2017

Cal George popped a beauty today!

20-25AD Cunobelin silver unit


March 6 2017


My first good finds, 1581 cut down Lizzy 6 pence and a silver decoration of woman washing clothes




March 4th 2017

Time once again fot the England Barn hunt!

Week 1 team photo

Me, Italy Nick, Bavaria Terry, Illinois John, Tenn Wendell, Florida Stan


February 25th 2017

Gretchen and i took a long weekend in Punta Cana, with Eric and Kathy from the Mix Q101

Had lots of fun and got to see 2 concerts

Watching One Republic Rock a set on the beach in Punta Cana! thanks Eric and Kathy

Gavin McGraw on stage with Eric and Kathy

I did hit the beach with the Deus, lots of garbage but not too many coins.
1 tungston Carbide ring was the best of it.


February 2 2017

OK I have to share this as it can happen to anyone. LMAO

I found this platium chain with medalion on June 16 2011, Platinum chain weighs 31.9 grams

Pic 1- shown as found, the medallion that was on the chain had scratches on the back right near the 14K mark, which went right through the White gold finish. I completely discounted the medallion as junk and threw it into my junk jewlery box!

Now 6 years later! This afternoon I decided to go through my junk jewlery from the last 12 years. I found a couple silver earrings and found the forgotten medalion, after retelling the story to Gretchen I decided to take a closer look at the medallion. First I tested the stones.

Pic 2 real! 68 1 pt diamonds and 16 2 point diamonds in the bale 1ct total! LOL

tested the gold 14K on the medalion and bale.

Total weight 17.9 grams of 14k. Scratches only went through the rhodieum coating.

The moral of the story is don't take anything for granted, CHECK IT ALL!