Had a great afternoon at the Minelab Metal detector showcase event in Lisle, IL with Chuck Smalley and Andy Sabisch.

Met lots of great people. Had fun sharing stories and showing finds.

Thanks to all the people that stopped by to check out my finds and say hi!

Minelab gave away several detectors during the event, I know several happy campers with new machines!


Hit the beach with Gretchen for a couple hours, not lots of targets, but we did make the dollar menue. lol


Sept 26th through October 24th

Chicago Ron's England Barn hunt

Video will be posted soon!



Back to my park

1900 Barber dime and a plated bracelet



Nice little hit in the wet sand

14K ear ring and a silver elephant charm



Found a nice wash out and stuck it out for quite a while

14K gold band, 2 silver rings



Slim pickings, but did manage a silver with gold insets ring



not lots of targets but did get yellow in the shallows!

Nice thin 18k gold band



Hit an old iron infested home site. while in New Jersey for Detect-A-Palooza



Junker ring a silver scorpion charm and several coins was the best of it.


Minelabs Metal detecting day!

Put out a nice display of finds from my 33 years of detecting.

Got some much needed help from the new Mrs Guinazzo!

Gary Drayton was on hand for some good British Humor!

Had fun meeting some new hunters from the I&I club and hanging with some old friends!



Back to Lincoln Park

digging very iffy signals got some deep iron and some keepers



Got the bug to get out for a little while, My Park!

only digging targets over 8" deep



Nice cut at a local beach some crusty coins and 1 lonley Mickey Mouse!

10k kids ring



Digging deep targets in my park

1909 S wheat penny

unfortunatly no VDB on the reverse


March 7th to March 28th

Chicago Ron's England Barn Hunt

March Video link


Wendell's Celtic gold 1/4 stater

Canadian Ron's 1876 Half Soverign

Wendell's Hollow core gold ring

My Roman Silver coin

Korean Jeff found 2 gold coins in one day!

20BC to 20 AD Celtic gold Full stater/

mid 2nd century BC celtic gold 1/4 stater

Okinawa Jim

celtic 1/4 stater

NC Buddy got a beauty celtic gold 1/4 stater

And a gold name pin

Tim's George II 1759 half Guinea

My Dublavenous 1/4 stater

Cal George's Addie full stater

My Ancient gold square

ILL John's Saxon gold coin

ILL John's Celtic 1/4 stater

Mo Brandon's Gold posey ring