Well 2011 is over and what a crazy year for finds!

I had my best year yet!

Most hunters were saying it was a crappy year for gold because of the economy but I a thurough knowledge of the Chicago beaches to optamize hunt time! With almost 1 pound of gold I think it worked!

Video of 2011 beach gold total! check it out!

1 pound of gold #2. 2011 beach gold.


Gold, Platinum total for 2011.

105 pieces, 326.1 grams

373.24g = 1 troy pound of gold.



I got some wheats a merc and a silver ring



Looks like I will be hitting the East coast for Christmas and New Years. Look out Boston!

Anyone want to get together let me know via e-mail I would love to meet up with some hunters for a hunt or just a meet up for a drink and treasure talk.



Went down to the beach for about 2 hours this morning, temp was just above 40 and I had to go.

Unfortunatly I only go about 5 coins and some junk. No oldies or goldies.


2 hours in the cold! water is getting mighty cold. Got about 7 coins and a junk medalion.

no date St Lib Quarter and a no date Buffalo



went to the beach , 1 inch of snow on the ground, 17 degree windchill 30 degree temp.

I was warmed nicely by a 14k ring

14K tri color ring with garnets,4.4g


Spent 2 hours at the beach only managed 5 coins and a couple junk items.

no date St Lib quarter, 1942p war nickle and a 1916 buffalo nickle


I worked the beach for 3 hours, half of which was in the rain. 6 or 7 coins with a 1946 rosie, a junk ring and a gold ring

14K garnet ring, 1.4g


I had 2 hours to work the giving beach, I got about 10 coins including a 1963 rosie, a 1937 wash quarter. 1 small silver heart and 2 gold filled items.

1/20th 10K gold filled ring and earring, pewter Jesus statue


down at the beach. The six guys yesterday sure missed a lot! I only managed 1 gold tiny ring.

14K teddybear ring,0.8g




I stopped at the beach for 45 minutes before work. got a couple coins and a junk ring.

I talked to Lookin4seated and there were 6 guys hunting the beach by 9 am

1943 silver washington quarter


I ventured out in the near gale force winds today, thankfully it didn't rain. I hit the wet sand along the shoreline, although with the 8 foot waves

the shore was wet all the way up to the boardwalk. 3 1/2 hours I managed about 25 coins, 1 1923 Merc dime, an antique sterling pin, and a gold ring.


10K wedding band,1.3g-------------Antique sterling pin


I was out of town for Thanksgiving, Not much going on, the water is getting down to the low 40's.

I will still be trying spots until it freezes.


Hit the giving beach for 3 hours this morning, the other beach had too much wave action.

Got a silver ring, no date st lib quarter, 4 buffalo nickles and a 1943p was nickle



I managed 1 gold a 20's or 30's HS ring, a silver chain and medalion and a rosie silver dime.

14K class ring, 3.8g


Mark was on fire! Another 3 gold and 1 silver plus 7 silver coins including a 1917 walker half!

MR and Rich rings are both 14K, the band is 10K


One day without gold really dosn't mean anything! So I headed back to the giving beach.

I spent 4 hours working the heavy iron areas. Only got 8 good targets.
2 pull tabs, 4 nickles 2 are 1942 silver, 1 piece of wire, 1 junk ring and 2 more gold rings!

14K white gold wedding ring, 1.8g------10K script initial ring, 4.4g



Back to reality!

I hit another beach for an hour before work this morning, only got 12 coins and a little ring I thought was junk in the dark.

925 silver ring missing whatever was glued to the face. Still a point!


I spent 5 hours on the giving beach and I think she may be done giving. I tried Detecting and sifting. But alas no bling. This has been the most gold we have dug from a single beach ever. In 15 hunts I managed 32 gold, 25 rings, 2 earrings, 2 chains, 1 bracelet and 2 charms.

Total gold weight was 96.7g


I will of course check in on her from time to time to see if the vault has reopened


Spent 4 hours working both the dry sand and water. Got some coins, a 1946 rosie a couple junk jewlery and 1 gold ring.

14K wedding band, 1.7g


I had to cover a friends shift at the firehouse this morning.

I decided to hit the water with my Excal. (my back is shot from digging anyway).

I managed 1 silver ring and 4 more gold.

, Wow what a year!

14K rope chain, 12.2g

14K medalion,1.2g---------------------14K diamond wedding ring, 1.9g------------------14K chain, 3.8g


Spent 5 hours digging on the beach. got a 1946 rosie, 1943s war nickle, 1 silver ring and 3 gold rings.

14K citrine ring, 4.0g--------------------------14K garnet ring, 2.2g--------------------------10K S high school ring,4.6g



Back tyo the giving beach. The readable signals are really thining out. I even tried detecting in pinpoint mode. Lots of nails!

I decided to step out side the box, Managed a silver ring and 2 more gold,


10K Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 7.2g-----------10K Unis Ring, 7.2g

Silver ring


New video up!

History's Dirty Secrets #32 Another 22 gold from the giving beach.



worked the dry for about 3 hours I got 2 gold rings.

10K garnet ring, 1.3g---------------------14K Aquamarine ring, 4.3g


I stopped down at the beach for 1 hour before work. Got a couple coins

including a 1919 merc dime, and 2 pieces of junk jewelry.


I hit it again this morning! I got 4 gold rings and a bracelet that might be gold

14K class ring 1955, 4.5g--------------14K 5 diamond ring, 4.4g

10K cluster ring,1.5g----------------------10K heart ring CZ, 0.9g


Marks 4 gold

10K chain, 29.4, 10K bracelet, 14K ring, 10K cuff link


I met Looking for Seated (John) at the giving beach. I had 3 gold rings, 2 war nickles and a 1887 V nickle.

John got a gold ring and rosie dime.

I found a small gold medalion and a silver ring and John got 2 more gold.

Another 10 gold day!

My Finds:

10K opal ring, 1.5g-------14K purple stone ring.1.9g------14K emerald ring,2.9g

14K JC medalion



England Trip Video Up!

History's Dirty Secrets, #31 Chicago Ron's England Hunt.

3 weeks hunting. See pics below 9-30-11 to 10-20-11


Did a tour of 4 beaches looking for good conditions for bling. first two beaches were sanded in,Moved to beach 3 and it looked like some sand had been removed from the blanket line. Got about 50 coins in a little over an hour but no jewelry. 4th beach had a nice deep cut with lots of big rocks but the waves this weeked must have washed lots of light stuff into the cut. got 3 coins and lots of pull tabs. tried the dry sand there for an hour and got a silver hoop earring. (it's a point!)



I tried the giving beach one more time to see if I could find some more coins in the iron. Well it looks like the lid of the treasure chest is closed for now!

Only got about 6 coins, 1 wheat cent and a couple junk rings.

New video up!

History's Dirty Secrets #30, Beach cut Bonanza #2

This is about 30 hours of detecting over a 1 week period. The area was very littered with iron. I had several targets that I could see on the surface but didnt get a responce from my detector. Most of the rings were small 1 to 2 grams of gold. Also the beach was hunted by at least 10 other hunters. No one did as well as Mark and I.




I returned to the same beach again! I got 3 silver and 2 silver coins.

Will post more later tonight

Here are the pic's of my finds.

14K 2009 HS ring, 8.8g--------------------------14K madonna ring, 1.4g----------------------14K garnet ring, 1.5g

10K earring, 0.8g------------------------------14K earring, 1.9g----------------------------------------3 silver jewelery

2 merc's and a buffalo


I decided to try a different beach first thing this morning. After an hour saw the error of my ways and headed back to the new giving beach,

She didn't disapoint today!

I got a 1937 buff nickle, 1942 merc and 2 gold!

10 K Bracelet 4.8g--------------------------14K band 1.0g


One more time! Spent 3 hours in the water

I got 1 silver ring and some wheats.

at 10 am and I moved to the dry sand. In the last hour I got about 10 coins another silver and a gold.

Sterling ring------------------------------------------Sterling ring with Aqua marine stone---------------------14K baby gold ring 0.8g


Back again! at the beach 6am. Cold and rainy but by 10:30 had gold. Several old coins and lots of junk


My gold was a 10K garnet ring 1.4g


Right back to the beach after the firehouse this morning! Spent 3 hours working through the iron.

ended up with about 25 coins, 3 or 4 pieces of jewelery only 2 were keepers.

14K baby ring 1.7g----------------18K womens ring 1.4g

Got a couple oldies in the coins. 3 wheat pennies and a 1911 V nickle


Hit the beach for 2 hours this afternoon, got about 20 coins, and 5 rings. 2 junk, 1 gold plated, 1 gold filled

and a 10K ring, missing the stone 1.3g


Hit the beach for a quick gold fix this morning and I got GOLD!

Lots of junk in the cut I only dug 12 good targets, but it only takes 1!

14k womans ring 3.3g not diamond but read higher than glass.

All England finds have been posted!


What a great trip!

I didn't happen to walk over any gold this trip but I got lots of silver and sonme great artifacts.

Here are some of the better find made during the 3 week hunt.

To see more of the stuff we dug see the Colchester Treasure Hunting Site Oct 2011 finds page


Last week of the hunt. Kansas/Missouri Team and Canadian Ron

Left to right Barry and Teresa H, Jeff and Sandy L, Greg A, Ron B

They Kicked Ass!


Missouri Jeff dug this very cool 1500 silver Tudor pin



1300 Edward 1st hammered silver farthing


Trajan (96-117 AD) Fortuna Redux Denarius---

2ndC Roman fibular brooch with red enamelling and gold cross decoration remaining


1634 Charles 1st hammered silver penny-----1279 Edward 1st hammered silver penny


Silver bead


Slim pickings for me today

Kansas Greg scored a beautiful 12th century gold ring

C12thC Early medieval gold ring - reported as treasure to museum

Interesting hand punched lettering

"DEBAL GUD GUDANI +" which is Gothic, meaning "God of Gods"


1635-6 Charles 1st hammered silver half groat-----------1215 Henry III hammered silver short cross half penny


I didn't know this was a keeper until I washed it up at night

1stC AD Celtic drinking vessel spout - face decoration



1485 Henry VII hammered silver farthing------------------Georgian Naval fob seal - Man resting on anchor

1640's Civil war lead bullet melting bowl


Slow day, wind has been rough all week

1351-1361 Edward III hammered silver penny

8th Century Saxon gilded pendant


2 hammies today

1215 Henry III hammered silver short cross penny----------1247 Henry III hammered silver voided long cross qtr penny


I managed 2 silver coins, 1 milled and 1 hammered both really worn with almost no detail. Got a very cool artifact, 1700's toy cannon

Kids played with these and they really fired! lots of hurt kids when they over packed them and the barrels blew out.


Lots of targets dug today with several great keepers.

1561 Elizabeth I Hammered silver 6 pence-------------1st or 2nd century Roman Fibula broach


1 hammered silver and 4 milled silver 6 pence coins.

1567 Elizabeth I Hammered silver six pence. Milled range from 1840 to 1940


First full day in the fields of Colchester. I had an incredable day. Fresh plowed and rolled the field is kind of fluffy, not getting lots of depth but what a day!

I got 6 hammered silver coins before lunch. 5-Edward I pennies 1279-1351 different dates or mints. A Henry VIII groat 1526-44.

After lunch I scored 3 more siver, my biggest Hammerd silver of the day


1641-43 Charles I hammered silver shilling.

1921 Florin size of a US half,



Well I'm in sunny ole London and it's unseasonally warm almost 80 today. I missed the low tide this morning due to plane problems, we arrived 3 hours late at Heathrow.

I decided to try a night hunt on the Thames, there aren't many people that hunt at night due to all the debris and slippery crap on the foreshore. I found it really relaxing and pretty cool. I arrived at 7 pm and low tide was suppost to be 8:30. I started hunting and found some smooth spots with pins showing, that usually means there may be other targets there. Oh just a reminder only mudlarks are allowed to detect or dig on the North side of the Thames. All my finds from the night hunt are eyes only on the surface targets.

I had a blast and found (I think) alot of targets. More than a dozen pins(1500's to 1800's), 6 pipe bowls(1600's to 1800's), 2 marbles, a clay pot or jud handle, knife blade, 2 buttons, a dozen or so misc metal items and the find of the night a smashed Pewter tankard which has an inscription, can't read it but it could be 17 or 1800's

Hunting at night with the circle of light from the flashlight seem to make it easier to concentrate on the area searched. I'm back ou t at 8am for low tide and 10pm for a minus low tide.


I hit one of the main beaches in downtown Chicago. Not alot of big shallow targets. But I dug 100 targets in 3 hours

Tiny foil signals and deep coins. Got about 25 coins (10 nickels) 2 gold

14k hockey pendant, 1.8g ----10k earring, 1.2g tested weird have to have mark verify



Hit a beach for an hour before work. Only hunted the dry sand. Got about 2 dollars in change, 2 junk jewelery

and 2 silver earrings.


‎4 and a half hour on 3 beaches, 2 were very loose and sanded in but I found a cut at one beach with rocks just below the sand.
Got 5 dollars in black coins a 1947 silver dime, 2 silver rings and a gold

total jewelery for the day, 2 silver rings a 1947silver dime -------10K ring with 1/4 ct Saphire, 2.2g



More 3 to 5 foot waves today. 2 hours at a park, only got 6 wheats and a no date buffalo


Cara came and picked up her ring. She wrote a very nice thank you letter.

14K white gold 2009 Class ring


The waves were once again too big to get in the water. I decided to hit a park for a couple hours. Have to get ready for England in 2 weeks.

Took the Explorer SE for a run. Worked a couple areas with not much success. Then in an area where I did well 2 years ago I got a nice multiple at 7 inches.

2 wheat cents, a 1929 buffalo nickel, 1919 mercury dime and a 1915D Barber quarter.------also got a 1919 merc a couple more wheats and an old tie tac


I did a facebook search for the HS ring I found yesterday. Found the owner and get this, she has pictures on her facebook page. I found several pictures of her wearing the ring, and a picture of her and her boyfriend at the beach were I found the ring. I figured she lost the ring between Feb 2010 and April 2010. a year and a half in the lake and its going home tomorrow.
She contacted me tonight and confirmed where she lost it and said it was about 2 years ago.
She is suppose to call me to tomorrow and pick up the ring on Friday at the firehouse.

Another happy camper!



Almost 3 and a half hours on a beach Mark and I did well on earlier in the summer. There were rocks all over the place but just about all the targets were light.

found 1 10X10 foot area where I dug 10 coins and a wheat cent,

2 silver rings, a band and a womans ring with onyx----------------------------14K 2009 class ring, 5.0g


Spent about 3 hours hopping beaches, hit 5 different beaches all were badly sanded in. Got abouy 4 bucks in change.

While going through my change I found a 1943P silver war nickle, looks like a recent drop no tarnish or corrosion.


Only got an hour in this morning before work. The waves are finally calming down. Sand has moved in again.

There is 5 to 10 feet of new beach on the 2 beaches I tried yesterday and today. Might be a while before I can get down to the targets.

Got 40 coins, about 3 dollars and 1 junk ring.

The Chicago Club beach hunt is tomorrow. I'm huntmaster and will be planting 1750.00 in silver and prizes for club members to find.

The Club has had a good year.


Finally got in the water for 2 hours this morning. Not many targets but did get gold and silver.

18K gold charm, 1.2g----------------silver stud earring with lots of macro diamonds, tested real!


Sorry for the lack of posts but the waves have been way too big to get in the water. I did a little dry sand hunting over the last 3 days only change and junk jewelery.


Worked the dry sand for 2 hours after the firehouse. Man the new dry sand hunters are killing the finds on the downtown beaches.

I only got 25 coins but I did find a large 14K chain clasp.

Tested 14K and weighed 2.3g Big Clasp!

There were lots of pulltabs so people think they are too smart to dig pulltabs! LOL

If you leave pull tabs you will miss gold. Works for me!


One more shot at the hole, it is starting to close! Targets are starting to thin out. I borrowed an Excalibur II until my machine is fixed.

Nice to get deeper signals again. We both got some coins I got a 10K HGF gold ring. (HGF- heavy gold filled 1/20th)


Back to the honey hole.

I got a silver St. Christopher medalion and chain. My Excal is still not getting deeper targets.

Still lots of targets in the iron. Wish I was getting more depth


No detecting for me today.

National geographic is in town to do a day of filming. I will try to get some more behind the scenes video while were working.



Hit 2 beaches this morning. The waves really moved some sand and both of the beaches I hit this morning were really sanded in. 1 beach had 8 new inches of sand on the blanket line, Got about 3 bucks woth of change in 3 hours. mostly dry sand on the back of the beach.


tried the same spot again this morning. The lake was almost dead flat. I had a rough morning mostly finding coins, I did get a small silver ring,

I may have a problem with my detector. I have noticed for the last 3 weeks or so the targets are soundins different and I'm not getting as much depth. When that happened on my land machine it was a cracked coil. I called Minelab today to see about getting it fixed.


Incredible day!
He scored 4 gold and 3 silver I got 1 Gold and 1 silver. No luck with finding the matching engagement ring from yesterday. There were targets everywhere!



My booty! 14K name ring, 6.3g--------------silver ring

Waves are too big to hit it tomorrow. Perhaps Monday.





What a fun morning!

Started at 5 am worked 1 beach for about 20 minutes and it was very quiet, moved to a 2nd beach and sand had moved in a lot it was time to move again. On to beach #3 which had a nice wash with lots of rocks last week. The spot had not changed much as we moved down the beach there were even more rocks then last week. We were digging lots of dark coins, Then I got a large silver hoop earring and a St Anthony medalion, I got a silver artsy ring and a 14K gold anniversary ring with 8 small diamonds (tested real). I thought I had found a second gold ring Mickey mouse head in garnet. It was marked Disney but no K marking (it's plated) Damn!

14K anniv band with 8 diamonds, 3.0g-----Silver hand made ring with crystal


same beach I hunted yesterday. Some sand moved and covered the area where I dug the goodies yesterday.

got a couple junk jewelery, and some change.

If I found gold everyday it wouldn't be as fun when I do!



All by myself at the beach today, lots of rocks and gravel 3 inches below the sand.

Dug about 5 dollars in change, 2 junk jewelery, 3 silver, 1 gold and a first for me.

I got my first silver half dollar in the water, a 1961 Franklyn Half.

2 silver rings, a silver earring a 14K madonna charm, 2.4g and a silver half.

( grams away from a pound of gold for the year. Will tomorrow be the day?


New video Up

History's Dirty Secrets, #28 August is Harvest Time, Chicago Style!

Silver, Gold and Platinum. Plus 3 returns

This is the first 2 weeks of August on the beach. We spent a lot of hours checking different beaches to find some good ones.

Special appearance by Minn Mindy.

History's Dirty Secrets # 28



Got up early and hit a beach for 2 hours before work. There were not alot of targets along the blanket line but whoever hunted it must not have been digging low tone targets.

becaues along the blanket line I got only nickles, pulltabs and 1 gold plated ring and a 14K catillion ring. I got change near the middle and back of the beach,

About 4 dollars in change, 1 gold ring and a gold plated wire ring---------------- 14K gold 15 catillion ring, 3.4g


Straight to the beach after the firehouse this morning. Things are really still sanded in, and hunters hitting the beaches all week have made targets thin. Hunted 3 beaches for a total of 3 hours about 15 coins, 3 junk jewlery and 1 gold ring.

14K womans band. 1.7g

Night Hunt

Met up at the main airshow beach at 9pm. There were 2 hunters leaving and they said 2 hunters were leaving when they got there.

Even with 4 hunters hitting the beach for 6 or 7 hours before we got there we did well. I got 3 silver rings and about 6 dollars in change.

At 12:15 I was shagged off the beach by the Chicago Police dept. I have been hunting the lakefront at night for 10 years and only 1 or 2 times in heavy wave conditions have I been asked to leave. That practice is now done!

It seems the there were 3 drowning so far this year and the Mayors office is now enforcing the beach is closed from 11:00 to 6 am rule. I talked to the officers for about 10 minutes and if you are caught you can be issued a citation. Not sure what the fine is but the city is "broke"

Hunt at night at your own risk!


3 hour hunt before work 3 to 6am, Still veery sanded in but we managed to find a couple washouts. I got less than 3 dollars in coins and 1 junk ring.


Got a call from Anthony in Southern Illinois with questions about Minelab, He invited me down for a hunt with the new Explorer SE he decided to buy.

A drained lake that had been hunted for at least a couple months. Gives up Old Gold and silver! 4 gold rings, a silver ring and 3 silver coins plus lots of laughs!

14K antique gold ring, 4.8g Late 1800's to 1920--------------------Silver ring could be old

History's Dirty Secrets, #27 Road Trip to Old Gold



Straight to the beach from the firehouse. Spent 3 hours between 2 beaches. Only coins and 2 old toys on the first beach. got 2 silver earrings at the 2nd beach,



Ventured out from 4 to 6 am before work. Tried 1 beach and it was sanded in badly, moved to a 2nd beach and there were rocks in the middle of the beach.

I though we were going to have a field day. Big rocks but mostly light tatgets. Got a few coins and lots more pulltabs.


Late entry

While I was hunting this morning, a reporter for the Tribune asked if he could take a couple photos. I said yes and talked to him for a couple minutes.

He took a bunch of pictures and motioned me back over. He wanted an interview. How I started and what we did. Here is the video on the Tribune website

Tribune video



Started at 5am, First beach was sanded in badly (no targets) Then we moved to another beach there was some sand removed from the shoreline exposing rocks!

This is usually were the payoff comes. Hunted for 2 1/2 hours I got 4 silver. Some crusty coins and lots of pulltabs

Silver ring----Silver marcasite earring----silver clasp---Silver ring


spent 2 hours on 2 different beaches. The serious wave action we had the last couple days has really moved in a lot of sand.

I was hoping for some cuts but there were only a few and most of them had nothing but real soft sand. In 1 -4 foot diameter hold I dug 6 wheat pennies and a old gold plated ring other than that just coins and 2 junk jewlery.


Started a new feature on my facebook page today.

Chicago Ron's Facebook blog

Featured find: I will post several times a week. Finds from my 28 year collection. Pictures and Information gathered about the item.

Weird, expensive, common, coins, jewlery, toys. I have found lots!


quick 45 minute hunt before work, The waves are huge! Just hunted the dry snad 2.61 in change.


New Blog on facebook : Chicago Ron

For those of you that use Facebook, I now have a page on facebook. Come check it out.

Great place to get updates on finds and returns and much easier ask questions and post your comments.

Just like the page to get update on your news feed.


We tried 3 beaches today, only change and junk on the first and last. 2nd beach had a little silver.

Silver Celtic knot ring


I worked that beach for about 2 hours and found 1 cut that produced some black coins.

I got 3 silver. a silver band and 2 silver earrings. I tried 2 other beaches not many targets but I did get a silver claddah ring at the 3rd beach.



We got a late start today, Hit 3 beaches and man were the waves kicking. Mindy is used to small lakes with very little wave action, she is such a die hard hunter, she was out in the waves all day! She managed several dollars in change and a couple junk jewlery.

I was a winp! I did about 2 hours in the water and moved into the dry sand. Got 10 or 11 dollars in change and no jewlery at all!


Ok so I Didn't find the matching ring hopefully that means she didn't loose it. I spent 2 1/2 hours digging pulltabs! LOL

I did get a voicemail message from Carlos who said he lost a silver chain with 2 charms. When I called him back he told me what day and what beach he lost it.
I found it last Thursday. He is coming to the firehouse This Thursday to pick it up. Told him I just need a Thank you letter. Another return!

Evening Hunt

Mindy arrived at 2 pm and we headed down to a gold coast beach spent about 4 hours doing water and dry sand.

Mostly change and a couple junk jewlery.


stopped at the beach for a hour this morning before work, I heard there were 4 hunters on this beach on Sat and at least a couple on Sunday.

They did a pretty good job as there weren't many targets. About a dozen coins and the usual junk.

A friend, Minnesota Mindy is coming into town for a couple days to water hunt, Mindy is a blast and a true die hard detectiorist!

Hope she manages to walk over a couple nice ones! I'm going out in the morning by myself:( She will be here in the afternoon and we will head back down for more pillaging!


3 hour hunt this morning, an 18K woman's band 3.7g and a silver ring.

moved to another beach and I got a 14K woman's anniversary band, 1.8g.

I will have to go back to see if the other half of the ring is there. I need a diamond fix!


Well you can't beat the dog every day and not expect to get bitten.

I spent about 3 hours on 3 different beaches and got NADA! Just change and junk.


George came by the firehouse to pick up his Platinum wedding band. He will forward a letter.

There is always hope!


Spent about an hour in the water getting tossed around by the waves. I got 1 silver ring with 18K hearts attached. I don't know how I would weigh the gold so I am just adding it as an item not including weight.


I hit a beach at 9pm thinking the waves (according to the marine report) were less than 1 foot. I worked the beach for about 1 1/2 hours. took big rouge waves.

I score at about 10pm, a fine silver chain with a gold plated cross and a silver 1/2 heart.


Got off from the firehouse and headed down for some sand shooting. The waves were a little too rough so I just hunted dry for 2 hours.

Got about 5 dollars in change. Then I went to the church my wife and I belong to, to do some demolition in their new space, when I was done at 2pm I checked my e-mail and had another lost ring ad on craigslist. It said platinum ring lost on or near the vollyball courts north of the bridge. I sent the person an e-mail asking for more info and got to the beach before he called back,

Not knowing what court he was on I looked over the 20+ courts and came up with a game plan. On the 4th court I got a very smooth low tone and there it was when I dumped the sifter. It only took 15 minutes. 950 Platinum ring with inscription. 9.3 grams over 500 dollars just in scrap.

When I returned to the car George had called twice. I called him back and he started to tell me where he was playing and I interupted him saying I had found it already. He is coming to the firehouse on Friday to pick up his ring.

950 Platinum wedding band. 9.3grams


Went out real early for 3 hours before the firehouse. From 3 to 6 am.

6 or 7 dollars in change a small silver ring, and what I thought in the dark was a gold wedding band. Who wears gold colored stainless steel!

Jason came by to pick up his ring.

Another happy return. 14K white gold band 11.0grams


What a banner day!

I made it to the beach and there were already 2 hunters in the water, I started working the shallows and there were dig marks so I didn't hope for alot. Within an hour I had 3 gold I don't know, right place right time? I hunted for another hour or so and only got coins.

I then headed to the beach I hunted last night, a woman had lost her engagement ring a plain band. I was too cold to go out deep at night. On the way to the beach I got an e-mail about a guy that had lost a 14K white gold band on that beach the day before. I E-mailed him to find out the location. He called back just as I was prepping my gear. First I looked for the womans ring but had no luck it seems that 4 hunters were in the water before I got there and they are not from my club. Sorry Gemeni I didn't find your ring.

On to the 2nd beach where Jason said he either lost it on the vollyball court or in the water right in front of the court, he only went in waist deep. He even remembered what court he was on! I checked the entire court only got a couple coins. Then I moved to the water. I gridded infront of the court from shore to mid waist deep. No Ring!

Then the thought occured to me perhaps he's a big boy. If he was 6"+ his waist would be my chest.I wandered out into the deeper water and first target BINGO!

Here is my take for the day! 4 gold and 2 silver

14K kindergarten ring,2.9g------------14K kindergarten ring,1.4g----------------------14K double hoop earring, 1.3g-----------------14K white gold band, 11.0g


2 more beaches this morning, first beach held a silver earring and change. The 2nd beach gave up gold.

10K A initial ring, 1.9g---------------silver earring



Evening hunt.

went back out from 8pm to 11pm

The beaches were packed today with the 90+ temp. Suprisingly there wern't lots of targets. got about 6 dollars in change and 2- 1$ bills

5 junk jewlery a silver ring and a gold ring.

silver ring------------------------14K carved name ring Franky 9.1g


Spent 4 hours at 3 different beaches

I manadged a silver bracelet, stainless ring and 6 junk jewlery and 4 bucks in change.

silver bracelet 6.3g------------------------------------crematory tag #11011---------------------stainless double spinner ring


Evening hunt.

I went back out to a different beach.

I got an Anne Kline watch, change and a couple junk jewlery


Wall Street Journal article. will be in Sat 7-30-11

Metal Detectors Hit the Jackpot

Sales are way up as gold prices soar; hauling a pound of jewelry off the beaches of Lake Michigan

In 1985, Ron Shore began selling metal detectors from his Chicago basement. The shop limped along for two decades, and five years ago, with the price of an ounce of gold at about $650, he nearly closed it. This year, gold has soared to more than $1,600 an ounce, and Mr. Shore, 66, is on track to rake in $1.2 million in sales. "It's been gangbusters," he said, noting that his retail business—which sells detectors priced from $150 to $25,000—has doubled every year for three years running. In December, he quit his day job with a graphic-arts firm. "I couldn't keep up with it anymore," he said. With the price of precious metals on the rise and the economy stuck in a weak recovery, the metal-detector business is booming.

"It's the get-rich-quick mentality, or find some extra change to put in the gas tank," said Mike Scott, sales director for First Texas Products of El Paso, which last year sold $15 million worth of its gold-prospecting metal detectors, marking the third consecutive year that sales of the product have tripled.

With the economy in a slump and gold at record highs, more people are supplementing their income by hunting for treasure - with metal detectors. WSJ's Jack Nicas reports from Chicago.The top U.S. retailer, Kellyco Metal Detectors in Winter Springs, Fla., saw annual sales climb 63% from 2005 to 2010, to $24.8 million. The store projects sales of $26 million this year.

The phenomenon isn't limited to the United States. Minelab, an Australian company that sells high-end metal detectors for as much as $5,600, sold $118 million worth last year, more than double its sales of $46 million in 2009. Minelab partly attributes the jump in sales of the premium detectors to a gold rush in Sudan, where droves of modern-day prospectors with gold fever have traveled in search of fortune. The company projects continued growth this year.

Metal detectors began largely as military devices, said Stu Auerbach, who opened Kellyco in the early 1970s, when simpler, cheaper versions of the devices hit the commercial market. Sales remained steady for decades, he said, until they started to spike five years ago.

The hobby's rising fortunes have made a virtual celebrity of "Chicago Ron" Guinazzo, a Chicago firefighter whose weekly YouTube videos of detecting tips and treasures have drawn nearly 850 subscribers and 278,000 views. Mr. Guinazzo got his start with metal detectors in 1983 when he used one to look for his missing high-school class ring. He never found the ring, but since then has unearthed countless others, along with gold coins and dentures. For a dying woman, he once found an urn containing her late husband's ashes.

Mr. Guinazzo, 50, said hauled half a pound of gold jewelry off Chicago beaches last year. attribute success to a mastery of the nuances of their detectors' beeps. (Different metals and depths elicit different tones and pitches from the machine.) I use a Minelab Excalibur, a $1,300 device made for underwater detecting "We've built a rapport with our machines," Mr. Guinazzo said on a recent morning,

Nearby, Lamont O'Laughlin, a 51-year-old electrician, swept his detector listlessly over the sand. "Just coins," he said of the day's haul. "Those guys find all the good stuff."

Concerned that national archeological treasures will be looted, many countries, including France and Italy, ban or restrict metal-detecting. But some have made peace with the amateur treasure hunters. More than a decade ago, the British Museum began recording artifacts found by the public, creating a registry of the finds for archeologists, said Michael Lewis, deputy head of the program. Detectorists, as they call themselves, have contributed most of the registry's 700,000 finds, he said, and archaeologists have since largely dropped their complaints.

Historians and detectorists have also teamed up in the Hamptons on New York's Long Island. Since November, detectorists have paid the Southampton Historical Society $100 apiece for a weekend of searching on the society's private land. Detectorists have brought home Colonial-era coins and musket balls, and the program has brought in nearly $10,000 to help the society restore old barns.

For most hunters, real treasure is elusive. Mr. O'Laughlin and his brother, Casey, 50, have been detecting for decades but usually find garbage or lost change. "You barely find enough to pay for the batteries," Casey O'Laughlin said.

Javier Castrejon said that he bought a $250 detector last year, thinking it would pay for itself, but quickly realized otherwise. "Mostly I find nails or buttons," he said. But the 33-year-old said that he enjoys the new hobby and, "being laid off, any extra change helps."

Mike Bach, an 80-year-old actor, bought his first detector last month and, after two days, bought another for his 72-year-old wife, Darlene. The Bachs say they fell for the hobby's adventure, not its returns. "I've racked up about $1.85 in quarters and pennies," Mr. Bach said after a recent day of detecting. "But it's addictive...like prospecting."




Back down to the lake, spent 4 hours on 3 different beaches. Coins and Junk mostly.

I got a 14K ring, looks like a wedding band but has Class of 2011 inscribed inside and another stainless ring

14K womans band- class of 2011, 1.3g--------------------Stainless steel spinnere ring


Went down to the beach for 2 hours before work, only worked the dry sand. got about 20 coins and a junk pendant.

Will be hunting all day tomorrow weather permitting.


Worked the water for 3 hours this morning at 2 different beaches. Not a lot of targets, got about 6 dollars in change and a stainless steel ring.

Better luck tomorrow!


Hit the beach for 3 hours this morning, man is it good to be back! got about 15 dollars in change, several junk jewlery and a gold ring.

14K kids ring 0.8g

Went back for round 2 from 5 to 8pm. another 10 dollars in change and 2 junk jewlery.

They can't all be winners!


A couple weeks ago I was approached by a reporter from Wall Street Journal, they talked a bit and the reporter was interested in doing a story about metaldetecting (because of the high price of precious metals). The story is suppose to be in Monday's 7-25-11 Wall Street Journal.

We talked with Jack (reporter) for an hour or two on the beach, lots of stories and laughs. They even sent out a camera (film) guy to video on the beach. Unfortunatlly I was still on vacation in Oregon, Mark gets more well earned camera time. Hope he prints it like we told it.

Just bought a copy of Monday's paper no article today.

The video is on the WSJ website

WSJ video website link



1:57 AM. I'm home had to dry out my basement. Now I'm off to the beach 2:30 to 6 am. Need a gold fix!!!!!!

Wow a lot of loose sand out there, sand has continued to come in while I was gone.

Only got coins and a couple junk jewlery items.

One silver earring .


Sorry for the delay in posting. My boys were on my computer the other day and I got a virus. 179.00 later I'm good to go.

I've been in Oregon for the last week, Met up with Scott last Monday from Coos bay and hunted the Ocean at Brookings Oregon, we just hunted the wet sand from the low tide line to the blanket line. Not a lot of targets, I only got 3 coins and a dozen garbage targets. Scott thanks for coming out to hunt it was a pleasure meeting you! Keep up the hunting it will come!

On Wednesday I meet up with Oregon Ed he lives near the Ashland area. We hit a local swimming hole and got about 40 coins and several pieces of Junk jewlery, Turns out 1 of the earrings is marked sterling!. Then we hit the park for about 4 hours just coins and more junk jewlery. I got 1 ring that may be silver have to test it when I get home.


My bag arrived about 3 pm, everything is intact!

I contacted a couple guys that live in the southern Oregon area and we will try to get out this week.



Travel day from HELL!

On vacation and meeting up with my family, They drove out to Oregon 2 weeks ago. Get to Ohare and the 2nd leg of my flight has been canceled. The airline get me on a flight to Denver and effectivly eliminate one leg of the flight, cool. Arrive at Denver and find out the Denver to Medford, Oregon flight has been canceled. I know I was in trouble when the agent came back and asked how adventerous I was. 3 more flights to get to my destination. What should have been a 5 1/2 hour journey ended up being 14 hours.

My bag with my detectors should arrive some time on Friday!


Wave report said big waves today 3 to 5 footers. Should move some sand around. Hopefully not in!

Hit 2 beaches for a total of 4 hours. I could only work along the shore because of the wave action. About 6 dollars in change and 2 more silvers.

Twisted silver hoop earring ------silver ring with black stone 9.3g


Wandered 2 beaches this morning, about 3 1/2 hours. The beaches are picked pretty clean, between the large number of hunters and the sand movement even fresh drops are thin.

I did get about 5 dollars in change 4 junk jewelry and a 14K hoop earring 0.3g (size of a nickel)


Tim Rushing came in to hit the beach for a couple hours. Still lots of sand

We did get some change and junk jewelry. I got 1 silver ring. slim picking



Midwest Historical Research Society Picnic is today at 10am. I'm the hunt master and will be running a poker hunt and red, white and blue penny hunt for members.

Lots of good food and fun.


got a call from a guy that lost his wedding band at a northern beach, told him I could meet him tonight. Took about an hour! 14K white gold wedding band 5-7 grams

He was kind enough to write me a check for 150.00 and said he will forward a e-mail thank you letter.


Also snagged a silver dolphin ring and a 14K gold plated ring.


Stopped by the beach for a quick 45 minute hunt before work. The water is almost devoid of targets. A dozen coins and a junk earring.


Was up at 4 and at the beach at 5 am. I brought out the GPX-5000 for a little spin in the sand. Lots of coins, some pretty deep over 10", and a couple junk jewelry. I must have dug 2 feet for 1 aluminum can top. Still learning how to set this up for our beaches had a little interference and need to go over the manual again for a refresher on adjustments.

moved to another beach and tried the water with the Excalibur II for an hour and a half. Got 1 stainless steel ring and coins. I was loosely grinding the blanket line when a female lifeguard got my attention and waved me over. Seems while she was standing on the tower leaning on the rail. She was playing with her ring and it slipped off and fell 12 feet and disappeared in the sand. Took all of 10 seconds to find. Silver ring with a pearl or stone and some smaller stones. I gave her my web site and asked her to e-mail me a little thank you note for my records.


Should be a fun day.

I'm giving a presentation to 15 4th grade students at Northwestern University. This is the 3rd year I have done this presentation. The class is one of Northwestern's Center for Talent Development summer classes.

Treasure Hunting: Treasure hunting is part geography, part history, part science—and all fun! Students explore the world of treasure hunting from pirates and geocachers to archeologists and historians, examining the motivation for searching, paths to discovery, and skills necessary for success.

I will be showing some of my finds from parks, beach and my England trips. Taking the kids down to the beach after lunch and let them search with a detector for Indian head pennies I recovered from various parks in Chicago.

14 future Treasure Hunters.

Had a blast with the kids. They were full of questions, mostly what it was worth!


I met Ron Shore from Windy City Detectors at the beach to search for a lost ring. The woman had lost 4 rings from her pants pocket after changing. She found 2 of them right away and spent a week with a rented detector looking for the other two. I started just casually walking the beach as she had not arrived yet.

She showed up at about 9am and I had her reenact the entire process. Iron was present everywhere, I decided to use only the pinpointer as I had a fairly small search area. She had changed in a little alcove behind a rock pile and carried her pants to a spot along the parking lot wall, where she started to fold them and saw one of the rings drop. I checked near the wall with no luck and decided to try where she changed. 5 minutes later I had her ring in my hand. I set up my phone on the wall and caught the return on video.

Another Happy return!-------------14K white gold, 2.5ct Diamond ring returned! Still looking for the matching anniv band identical to the one in the picture.

The ring was her engagement ring from her Fiance who past away in 1988, either the stone or the whole ring was his grandmothers. Lots of sentimental value!


1 PM return to the beach because I forgot a pinpointer, pinpointer was still there and I found the other ring!

14K white gold 2 carat total wt, 3,6g


I'm off from 48 hours at the firehouse in the morning. I am meeting a woman to look for 2 rings lost at the beach,

1 of them has a 2 carat diamond! Wish me luck! Pic's and video if I come up with it.


another day of fun in the sun!

Not many targets in the water got a small silver snake ring in the dry sand.


Hit it hard for about 3 hours today, tried the water for an hour at 1 beach then moved on to several others.

Did manage a stainless steel and 14K bracelet and 1 silver ring

Stainless and 14K (gold) 2.0g , ----------------------silver hand carved ring


Met Ron Shore the owner of Windy city Detectors down at the beach this morning.

the vault opened for a little while. Ron Shore got a pretty little 14K ring missing the stone, I got 1 gold and 3 silver.

2 silver rings, a 3 band and a sun and moon--------------14K puzzle ring, 5.0g---------------------------silver Panther


The water is just starting to warm up enough for more depositors, Not many finds but I did get 2 silvers.

Silver bracelet and a silver ring with 6 cz's and a fire opal


Very bleak out there, the storm we had the other day moved in a lot of sand. Couple bucks in change


I had a great day. Hit the beach in the morning for 5 hours and wouldn't you know it my birthday hunt is the first time in 13 hunts that I didn't find gold. LOL I did get 1 925 silver post earring. Then my 12 year old son Dante made pesto pasta for lunch, and made a scratch peanutbutter cheesecake for my birthday dessert. . We all watched a family movie!
Great Day!



again at the giving beach, got 1 silver and

Moved down to the next beach and I got 1 14K ring with 2 emeralds and a small silver band.

Tiny silver band------------------14K emerald ring 1.3g------------silver animal ring


Tried a quick hit before work this morning, a few coins.


The streak continues! Got rained out before I even got in the water this morning, M

rain stopped about 10:30 so I headed back. Glad I did! 3 more gold

14K emerald ring, 1.2g----------14K ruby ring, 2.6g-----------1 link of mickey bracelet I got last week 0.5g



I don't know what is going on, but I hope it never ends!

I got off from the firehouse, and headed straight to the beach

I snagged 4 gold and 2 silver. All small very mixed signals

14K kids ring blue stone 1.6g----14K 2 hearts ring .9g-----18K flower ring missing pearl, 2.0g-----------2- 10K links from a mickey bracelet


I woke up before the alarm went off today, had 45 minutes at the beach before work.

Not a lot of targets but got about a dozen coins and another gold ring.

14K kids initial ring, 1.6g



I have been editing the video of the last 8 days of beach hunting. while editing the chain portion i got to look at the video close-up and the mark on the chain is 18K and in a oval underneath the 18K mark 950pt.

This thing is Platinum with an 18K clasp!
32.4 grams of 950 plat is 1800 instead of 1200! Holy crap!


What a banner day. Just goes to show, I walked the shoreline of this beach yesterday. Today it was like a different beach!

I scored 1 platinum chain, 4 gold and 2 silver


14K kids initial ring, 1.2g-------14K claddah ring, 1.2g------------18K and 950 Platinum chain, 32.4g----------14K with black stone, 1.7g-------14K medallion 1.8g


Hit the beach again. worked the dry sand for about 2 hours, got about 8 dollars in change and a silver earring.

Then I decided to hit the water so I kicked off my shoes and in about 45 minutes got 1 more gold and a tungsten carbide ring.

Gold initial ring 1.4g (broken)-------------------------925 earring



4 hours more at the beach that won't quit!

Still digging targets although they are thinning out, Managed about 25 coins and a couple jewelry. items.

14K filigree ring,1.2g-------P Sedlow Fantasy pewter dagger medallion earring


Back to the same ole beach,

10 or 14K 1995 class ring,3.3g ------------------------------925 bracelet and ring


Back for more at the beach .

4 hours hunting. I scored 2 gold and a huge silver.

14K Medallion, 3.4g--------------------14K earring, 2.2g--------------------------------Silver ring, 17.7g



Saturday morning pilgrimage to the beach.

I got 2 gold

14K baby ring with 5 CZ's 1.2g---------------------14K men's band 5.8g


Back to the beach for 2 1/2 hours

Lots of change about 11.00 and 8 pieces of junk jewelry


Got up and it was storming like crazy, It stopped raining about 10am so I headed down to the beach. Spent about 10 minutes in the water and got tired of getting hit by waves.

Decided to move to the dry sand and recover my gas money at least. Tons of change as the beach was packed with 95 degree temp for the last 3 days.

41 quarters, 29 nickels, 26 dimes, 35 pennies----------------------------------------------------------------14K ring with citrine stone 15mm X 10 mm 4.0g


New video up!

History's Dirty Secrets #23

24K gold ends a good week.


Being on vacation for 2 weeks I have been able to get out everyday for 2 or 3 hours.

Today was no different 3 hours in the water, and I scored a first!

My first 24K wedding band 5.6g-----------------------------silver ring


I went back to the same beach I was at yesterday. It was 85 yesterday and was hoping for some recent drops.

Got 2 in the first 15 minutes and nothing else for the next 2 hours. Madonna ring was a resent drop the garnet ring was down a ways.

14K Madonna ring 2.3g--------------------10 or 14K Ring with Garnet or ruby 1.7g


Got in 2 hours at the beach today. Just change and junk, couple pieces of junk jewelry.


Met Mark at the beach and spent 3 hours looking for the good stuff, I managed another buffalo nickel from the same beach I got the other one.

1919 Buffalo Nickel

I stopped at another beach this afternoon and hit a pretty one.

14K white gold with a nice sized emerald 1.9g


No targets at the beach and too hot to hit the park so I put together a video on making a test garden to help with deep target ID and recovery.

Test Garden 101


Tried several beaches this morning got 2 junk rings and a 1929 buffalo nickel.


Headed over to a park for an hour before the heat got to me.

Managed 5 wheat's and a 1906 barber dime


Hit the beach for 3 hours, tried 6 different beaches.

Pretty bleak out there. 5 bucks in change and a couple junk jewelry.


Started the Memorial day festivities with a little gold this morning. Tried 6 different beaches and only 1 produced gold.

14K baby ring with Garnet, 1.6g


Hit the beach for 2 hours between rain storms, some clad and a few junk jewelry. items.

Gold charm or earring .6 grams. still need to acid test for purity.


Had another great day! found another cut, not a big one but good none the less! 2 1/2 hours

14K cz 1.4 g---------------------------------14k Men's band 4.1 g--------------------------925 stud earring


Wow what a day at the beach! Found a good spot that lasted about 2 hours.

14K 1.5 g --------------------------14K 1.7g----------------------------------------14K 2.3g

4 silver rings and 3 silver earrings


Hit the beach for 2 hours today. Double gold!

10K with 2 small diamonds 2.7 grams -------------------14k White gold band 8.0 grams


Today was the first full day of hunting 7:15 am to 6pm It was a weird day, I had 2 hammered silver before lunch time a cut 1/4 of a silver penny

and a cut half of a short cross penny.

My finds

13th to 14th century Vesca seal------cut 1/4 hammered silver penny--------158? Elizabeth hammered silver 2 pence


Everyone arrived on time and we hit the fields for about 5 hours

Greenies and a milled silver, a couple of the guys got Hammered silver coins.


Well I'm off to England for my 3 week hunt. The first 2 weeks will have 2 barns going with a total of 14 hunters

Coins and artifacts should be flying out of the ground.


Metal detecting 101, where to hunt and basic rules

Just uploaded a new Blog video


Target recovery 101

The basics of recovery. shallow targets under 4"with a screwdriver and deep target plug cutting.


First Video blog

England treasure Laws 101

Export laws and process. Readers digest version


Hit a beach where the dry sand was thawed. Several dollars worth of clad and the 1st gold of the year. 14K white and yellow earring. 1.0 grams



Took a drive around the beaches. There is a lot of new sand. Some beaches have as much as 30 feet of new beach.

It Doesn't look promising for water hunting this year.


Man the snow from last week has me climbing the walls, The temp is suppose to climb above 32 this weekend and the beginning of next week.

Hope to be in the lake looking for new cuts by Wednesday!


latest video uploaded to you tube

History's Dirty Secrets #19 Winter hunting 2

Hunting in the snow, trying to get use to the new Etrac. Got some silver and a couple indians.


One last hunt before the big snow comes later this week. The ground was like a rock.

Managed a 1917S merc is very nice shape.


Hit the woods for 2 hours after my clubs monthly meeting. 3rd trip with the E-trac. Getting better got my first 2 silvers

1920 merc and a 1916 barber, plus 6 wheat's


Got My new Minelab machines yesterday. An E-trac and a GPX-5000. I wanted to get a few swings with the new E-trac so I hit the woods. 4 inches of snow on the ground.

I still managed 5 wheat's and a 1907 Indian


First video of the new year. The last hunt of 2010 and the first 2 hunts of 2011

History's Dirty Secrets #18 Winter hunting!

Several silvers including some nice barber quarters!


The ground was not quite frozen yet. Got out I got a 1945 Washington Qtr and a 1902 barber quarter

a 1904 Indian, 1911 V nickel and a crackerjack toy horse