2007 Finds

Ring found Aug 1st at a beach in Chicago. Returned to owner, ring designers son. Reward........

A specially made ring identical to the one I returned!!!


10 silver coins found in one day on construction site at old school.   5/

Sapphire Ring, 10K 5/25/07


14 K women's wedding band 5/25/07

14K bracelet   5/07

14K J bracelet  5/07

 Silver aunk ring  5/07

  5 gram Suisse gold pendant/bar  6/07

  Silver bell charm bracelet  6/07

  Silver Claddah ring  6/07

  Silver ring w/ green stone and cz's  6/07

  Silver luck Ring  6/07

  Men's Silver ring w/ cz  6/07

  Silver ring w/ moonstone  6/07

  Silver Mayan calendar ring  6/07

   14K Fuego chain.   6/07

18K ring with purple stones    7-07

found this ring box in the lake, gave me a heart attack, opened it to find out the ring is silver with CZ's


18K child's ring with heart and cz.

14K men's wedding band w 9 .02 diamonds 7/07

18K chain link ring  7/07


14K women's wedding band with inscription. 7/07


18K rose and scroll ring  7/07


10K men's ring with 9 .02 diamonds  7/07


14K men's band   7/07


14K women's band   7/07


14K women's band       7/07

925 silver chain    7/07



925 band      7/07



925 Men's ring       7/07

Egyptian silver pendant and chain    7/07

1858 flying eagle cent.

900 platinum, wedding band with 50 diamonds on each side.


14 K childs  ring with cz



Men's 14K band 8-07


Forgot this one 18K chain with 2 charms 6-07



10 K elephant ring


14K wedding band   8-07

14 K charm    8-07

14 K white gold wedding band 8-07

925nBand     8-07

925 Claddah ring   8-07

3 merc's from a parkway 1917s, 1936, 1942  8-07

platinum wedding band 9-07

22K medallion  9-07

1899 barber dime  9-07

1946 Washington, 51 and 63 Rosie's found in the lake

1944 merc and wheat's from the lake 9-07


14 K Madonna charm  9-07

lead cowboy from the lake  9-07


925 band   9-07

925 chain and cross   9-07

14K Cross ring     10-07


 14K Madonna charm   10-07


14K Initial ring    10-07


parkways    10-07



During the 1950 election campaign, Chicago reporter Brennan discovered that the Kefauver Crime Committee had asked Chicago Police Captain Daniel ("Tubbo") Gilbert to testify. Gilbert, a lavish spender, known in Chicago as "the world's richest cop," was Democratic candidate for Cook County sheriff. Because of his wretched record as a cop, the usually pro-Democratic Sun-Times supported his Republican opponent, John E. Babb. Under pressure from the Sun-Times, Democrat Estes Kefauver admitted that Tubbo Gilbert had appeared at a closed session, but he would give out none of the testimony.

Brennan knew how to get around that. He hustled off to Washington, came back with the full transcript of Gilbert's secret testimony, but kept mum on how he got it. Next day the Sun-Times splashed the testimony all over the paper. Gilbert had told the committee that he had made his money while a cop because he "bet on elections . . . bet on football games . . . bet on prizefights . . . [and in fact] I have been a gambler at heart." The Kefauver Committee complained bitterly about the printing of the testimony, but the Sun-Times replied that it had published it in the public interest.

Said the rival Chicago Daily News: "The committee suppression of Gilbert's testimony cannot be defended ... A man whose account with professional gamblers runs into thousands of dollars a year ... is not going to be a tough enforcer of the law . . ." As a result of Brennan's story, Tubbo Gilbert, reckoned an easy winner, was snowed under. The Cook County Democratic crash also defeated Senator Scott Lucas, the Democratic floor leader, and elected Republican Everett Dirksen (TIME, Nov. 13, 1950).



Silver chain and cross   10-07 

Platinum men's band 6.2dwt   11-07

Washington silver quarter dry sand on beach  11-07

1900 O barber quarter found in parkway. 11-07

Designer Platinum women's band. TACORI   11-07

Love Pendant 18K with 27 diamonds  11-07

14K white gold .20 diamond and 2 sapphires.  11-07